HSSEQ Management Policy

HSSEQ Management Policy


The “Company” (herewith refer to Bumi Armada Berhad, its subsidiaries and joint ventures that are within its management and operational control) is committed to operating our business with the objective of safeguarding our people, the public and environment. The “Company” shall manage HSSEQ in line with this policy to ensure:

  • Health and Safety of our employees, contractors and those who could be directly impacted by our business activities.
  • Compliance with all relevant Health and Safety regulations and local governmental rules, and to adopt existing standards in regions where laws and regulations do not exist.
  • Protection of the environment and the communities in which we operate through pollution prevention, waste management and emission minimization.
  • Mitigation of physical security risks to our employees, contractors and assets through adoption of relevant international security standards and statutory compliance.
  • Continual improvement in Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality performance through implementation of Integrated Management System (IMS) for all activities.
  • Adoption of proper quality assurance and quality controls throughout our business.


To achieve these key objectives, the “Company” will operate with the following principles:

  • Demonstrate and promote visible leadership commitment and employee participation to ensure health and safety of employee, the protection of the environment and the delivery of quality products / services.
  • Promote and foster a culture of collaboration and participation among all employees in the implementation of our HSSEQ commitment.
  • Identify, reduce and manage our Major Accident Hazards (MAH’s) to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) throughout the asset lifecycle by providing safe and reliable design and operational asset integrity processes.
  • Demonstrate our capability to plan for, respond to, and recover from an emergency or crisis.
  • Monitor and report our HSSEQ performance throughout the “Company” as a means of providing feedback and promote continuous improvement across the organisation.
  • Implement quality assurance and control in all projects, operations, and provide services that meet or exceeds the specified customer requirements and applicable codes & standards, thus ensuring the customer satisfaction.

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