Armada Installer

The Armada Installer was purpose-built by Bumi Armada in 2009 for pipelay and heavy lift in Caspian Sea. The barge is equipped with pipeline tensioning equipment up to 180 tonnes and a main crane with a capacity of 825 tonnes. The Armada Installer, operated by Bumi Armada, has been in operations for more than 3 years and has safely and successfully installed over 200 km of pipelines in Turkmenistan waters.

General Specifications are in attached document below:

DLB Armada Installer Brochure - Russian version.pdf
DLB Armada Installer Brochure - English version.pdf

Armada Tuah 104

This is a specially modified AHTS from Bumi Armada's large fleet of offshore support vessels. Its modification included an A-frame, fitted for the express purpose of installing moorings. It can also be used for flexible pipe installation by installing a reel hub drive system on deck as well as a tensioner and using the A-frame to overboard the end connections.

The Armada Tuah 104 is a DP2 Class, 16,000 HP, and 150Te BP, equipped with a 200T A-frame. She is 75.5m long by 17m width. The free deck space is 510m².

Armada Tuah 104-105 brochure.pdf

Armada Hawk

The Armada Hawk was acquired in 2011. It is a DP2 multipurpose vessel with a 240 tonne crane and accommodation sufficient for up to 140 persons. She can be used for SURF installations, diving works, IRM works as well as platform maintenance/hook up in field with “crowded” sea bed conditions.

Track Record

SEPAT Project
The vessel has completed the installation of two 6" risers from the FSO Sepat to the mobile offshore production unit at the Sepat field, offshore Terengganu.

DI Project
The vessel is involved in the installation of flexible, umbilicals, subsea tie-in and post-trenching works as part of the installation of the FPSO Armada Sterling.

Leaflet hawk final version.pdf

Armada Condor

The Armada Condor, has being acquired in 2013. It is a DP2 Multipurpose vessel with 120 tonne Active Heave Compensated crane for subsea works up to 2000m water depth and accommodation sufficient for up to 127 persons. She can be used for SURF installations, diving and ROV works.

Flexible product laying equipment

T&I business unit owns and operates a mobile 300 tonne Reel Hub Drive suitable for 9m standard reel plus, deck arches and over boarding chutes specifically built for the purpose of laying flexible products and fitting within our vessel deck lay outs.