Talent Management

Talent Management

People deliver results!

Leveraging on our team’s capability to the fullest potential will help us deliver the success we work for as a company. We offer equal opportunity of employment and celebrate the diversity of people that we seek to employ. This belief has become an integral part of our organization’s work ethos; and it is something that all of us are passionate about; from our performance management system to our day-to-day work life.


Delivery performance and hands-on execution is what we look for. What we offer is our investment in ensuring that our people are well equipped, capable and confident in going about their tasks.


Our values are simple. We are committed to ensure that our people receive the right guidance from their leaders, have the necessary capability to deliver their KPI's and are encouraged to explore their growth potential. Our organisation is built on a foundation of collaboration without boundaries and genuine openness in our conversations.


We offer due recognition and are happy to share the wealth from our success with every one of our employees. We are proud of who they are and we are confident they will restlessly search for excellence in all that they do.

Our Talent Management Framework

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Bumi Armada’s recruitment policy requires all recruiters and search/placement agencies to engage solely with the HR department of Bumi Armada. A signed agreement with any agency must be obtained from Bumi Armada HR, prior to any proposed candidates being submitted to Bumi Armada, failing which, Bumi Armada reserves the right to engage the potential candidate submitted by recruiters and search/placement agencies, either directly or via another mandated agency, without any compensation to the initial unauthorised recruiter and search/placement agency. For expression of interest in being engaged by Bumi Armada to fill any potential vacancy, kindly contact:-

HR Career Team

We will endeavour to respond to any expression of interest to work with Bumi Armada from recruiters and search/placement agencies within 5 working days. However due to the large volume of requests from recruiters and search/placement agencies, should you not receive a response from Bumi Armada within that time, you may assume that you have been unsuccessful in your request to be engaged by Bumi Armada. We thank you for your interest in working with Bumi Armada.