Anusoorya Themudu

Aged 44, Malaysia
Chief Human Resources Officer

3 August 2015

Anusoorya Themudu (“Soorya”) is responsible for Bumi Armada’s global workforce. Soorya isan experienced HR leader with world class experience gained in a diverse range of blue-chip companies, including Petrofac, General Electric and Eli Lilly.

Soorya’s experience to date encompasses all aspects of the HR agenda: Talent Acquisition, Reward Strategy, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Organisational Design, Cultural Change, Busines Transformation, HR Systems, Employee Relations and Stakeholder Engagement.

She has a proven track record in developing and implementing best practices, along with experience in successfully creating, implementing and sustaining leadership development programmes that attract and retain talent. In addition to her work, she also championed the Diversity Initiative at Eli Lilly and General Electric. Prior to joining Bumi Armada, Soorya was the Regional HR Director at Petrofac where she managed the HR function for the SEA region.

Soorya has no family relationship with any Director and/or major shareholder of the Company and she has no conflict of interest with the Company. She has not been convicted of any offence within the past 5 years nor been imposed any penalty by the relevant regulatory bodies during the financial year.