Sasha Vijayananthan

Aged 43, Malaysia
Head of Internal Audit & 
Acting Head of Risk

1 March 2016

Sasha Vijayananthan (Sasha) is responsible for all aspects of Bumi Armadas internal audit function which assists the Group in accomplishing its goals by providing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate the effectiveness of various processes and controls within the Group. This would include detailed review and identification of areas of improvement in matters related to internal controls and governance.

In her role of Acting Head of Risk Management, she manages and oversees the risk management activities of Bumi Armada.

She has over 22 years experience in the Governance, Risk and Control space and was Vice President of Group Risk Management at Sime Darby Berhad, before joining Bumi Armada.

Sasha was previously an auditor at Ernst & Young, starting as an associate and working her way up to director level. She has a wealth of experience, specialising in governance reviews, financial control framework implementations, internal and external auditing for a broad range of industries including the oil and gas industry.