Code of Ethics

In building an organisation of TRUST, we have a strong commitment, individually and collectively, to conduct our business and activities ethically, demonstrate integrity in our behaviours and maintain an outstanding level of corporate governance. Our reputation and ability to do business each day with the Group, with Governmental authorities and their agencies, contractors, associates, partners, suppliers and customers for long-term sustainability depends highly on trust. Our shareholders ultimately demand and value this commitment, which forms the cornerstone of building integrity in Bumi Armada Berhad Group of companies (BAGC).
As such, Bumi Armada’s Code of Ethics is an established set of mandatory rules, which outlines the standards to which all employees must comply, within their respective business dealings. The Code of Ethics specify the need to adhere and comply to the Law, as well as to preserve utmost integrity in all business dealings. These activities include the prohibition of illegal payments or any other types of payments that would be deemed illegal and risk violating Bumi Armada’s code of business conduct, compliance towards all statutory requirements and avoidance of gifts from external parties.

All employees are expected to fully commit and uphold the principles of the organisation’s Code of Ethics.

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