Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

The GDP is a 2-year programme for all recently-graduated students that aim to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to the level required to meet the current and future requirement of the organisation and for those with engineering background to eventually attain their Professional Engineering (PEng) license. While the attainment of a PEng license is not a mandatory part of the programme, it will be emphasized if the career goals of the graduate include requirements as discipline engineer or where a PEng license will enhance attainment of career goals and competency levels.

The programme is designed to run over a minimum period of two years and aims to develop graduates around a separate theme for each year they are on the programme.

The programme is based on the development of competencies. The elements within the programme are based around developing the breadth and depth of graduate’s competencies, so that at the end of two years, the graduates have the necessary experience to enable them to practice in a competent, independent and ethical manner.

The GDP is coordinated by the Learning & Development Team, who are responsible for the structure of the programme, the Heads of Department (HOD) who are responsible for discipline-specific requirements, and the Graduate Development Committee (GDC) who facilitates the successful implementation of the programme.

The GDP was formed in 2009 to harness the potential energy of graduates to give them the opportunity to have more control and influence over the direction of their development and also their careers.

  • Year One Development Focus – Relevant technical competencies and personal effectiveness
  • Year Two Development Focus – Relevant technical competencies and managing relationships within teams